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Pinpoint – the specialist Trace and Access company

Hello, we’re Pinpoint and we’re the Trace and Access experts. We use the latest water leak detection technology to quickly pinpoint the source of your water leak.

Our fast response service means we can often visit your home within 24 hours (subject to availability), locate the source of your water leak and prepare the necessary documentation – ready to be forwarded to your insurance company.

What’s more, we also provide water leak repair, water extraction, drying, contents storage, water damage repair, and furniture restoration services. Call our friendly team on 0333 577 3822 or book an appointment online to see how we can help.

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james shipway
james shipway
25. May, 2022.
Excellent service from PinPoint. They arranged an appointment for Trace and Access and the engineer arrived exactly on time. The source of the leak in the Utility floor was quickly found and they were able to repair it immediately to prevent any further damage. Narinder kept me fully up to date on the process and a report and invoices for the work were provided on the same day so I could submit to my insurance. I'd have no hesitation in recommending them or using them again.
Anita Oberoi
Anita Oberoi
19. May, 2022.
I used Pinpoint when my boiler was consistently losing pressure and I was concerned that there may be a leak at the property. From the moment I called, I knew I had made the right choice. Narinder helped me understand the steps I needed to take in order to deal with the problem. I was really thankful for her support when a manager at my insurance company failed to explain a clause in my policy causing additional concern. She went out of her way to involve a surveyor who looked at the policy and explained what was covered. I had the boiler supplied and fitted by Pinpoint and Rob who came out to install it is outstanding. Like Narinder, he explained what he was doing and why, and even showed me some of the checks that should be carried out at an annual service. He clearly has a great deal of technical knowledge, but conveyed information in a way that was easy to understand and left me feeling safe in the decision I made to go with Pinpoint. The decision to change the boiler was made so much easier because of Rob and Narinder's guidance. I fully trust and highly recommend them.
10. May, 2022.
I used pinpoint trace and access as I was having problems with my Worcester Bosch boiler as it was showing low pressure on numerous occasions I had contacted the supplier as this was a self filling boiler on numerous occasions they would talk me through the resetting and eventually sent one of their fitters who had to return 3 weeks later this has gone on from new for two years the fitter left me on the second time of coming stating there was nothing wrong with the boiler and I had a leak and it was most likely in the concrete. I was mortified as there was no sign of water damage or leakage visibly. I contacted my insurer’s as it had become in my mind serious enough with Worcester Bosch categorically stating I had a leak. I contacted pinpoint trace and access and within minutes Narinder had calmed me down explaining the loss of pressure was so insignificant even if I had a leak it would only be-a pinprick She suggested we monitor it but the Worcester Bosch fitter insinuated a leak with no explanation left saying it would be in the concrete again insinuating major disaster. Narinder very kindly accepted the job as she was very aware that a complete check would be the only thing that would calm me down despite her assurances that this was minor I agreed to go ahead Robert arrived and was totally professional and he was like a dog with a bone. My house has been totally checked systematically he took me round the house explaining everything he was doing every radiator ,joint , pipe over and under flooring and guess what I have no pipes under concrete! I have had a comprehensive report on his findings including pictures and I can categorically state that in my case problems solved I would not hesitate as a verified customer to recommend this firm Amazing from the call to the finish well done a firm you can trust.
Karen Martindale
Karen Martindale
22. April, 2022.
I contacted Pinpoint after a slow leak in my shower led to water coming through into the kitchen. They responded quickly and professionally and kept me informed on the progress of the job. Narinder even called me from her home one morning! Amazing service, professional in every aspect of their service. Highly recommended.
Rob Bell
Rob Bell
15. March, 2022.
Trace & Access of water leak. Subfloor supply pipe leak identified & repaired. Professional service. Great communication, knowledgeable & supportive team. Recommended.
6. April, 2021.
My experience with Pinpoint Trace and Access has been excellent from start to finish. Narinda was exceptionally helpful, answering all questions and explaining the process clearly and professionally. Phil was the technician who carried out the inspection and was very impressed with how efficient he was with finding the leak and how he took the time to talk me through the issue which helped me understand everything. I couldn’t be happier with the service they both provided and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a trustworthy, professional and caring Trace and Access company.
Sharon Wood
Sharon Wood
3. February, 2021.
Philip and Narinder have been amazing through very difficult Trace and Access visits to find a leak under our house. Phil and Ben came out to rip up our flooring to get under the house with very minimal damage so our house was still in a reasonable condition so we could stay at home which with a 3 year old and a dog, in the middle of a pandemic was amazing. Our house was treated with great care and respect and I can not recommend them high enough. Thank you so so much
28. July, 2020.
If you require this type of service use Pinpoint.All involved in our experience were 100% professional.
Rapid Response Service
Our experienced team of specialists can often visit your home within 24 hours - getting things back on track as quickly as possible.
State of the Art Technology
We use the latest technology, allowing us to detect leaks that other companies can't - accurately pinpointing the source your water leak.
Non Invasive Leak Detection
Our methods include the use of non-invasive technologies, allowing us to locate the source of your leak, whilst minimising damage to your home.
Insurance Compatible Reporting
Our experts will produce a full written report, detailing the source of your leak. This can then be forwarded to your insurance company.
No Hidden Costs
Pricing starts at £475 ex VAT (contact us for a quote). Many insurance policies will allow you to claim this back. Find out more.
The Complete Solution
We also offer optional leak repair, water extraction and water damage repair services - one call could be all it takes.

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Common questions and answers

Answers to some of the common questions our clients often ask us.

What is 'Trace and Access'?

Trace and Access is a type of cover on a home insurance policy. It covers the detection and exposing of a water leak.

If you suspect a leak and have this cover, your insurer will often recommend that you engage with a specialist like Pinpoint.

Does Trace and Access include the repair of the water leak?

Trace and Access does not typically include the repair of the water leak, or the repairing of damage caused by the leaking water.

However we do offer an optional water leak repair service! Please note that this is not part of the fee mentioned above. For more information on what may be covered see this article.

Will my home suffer any additional damage?

The process normally involves 'exposing' the leak so it can then be repaired, so some damage is inevitable.

However we use the latest technology to locate your leak, minimising the damage caused to your home by the process. Most insurance policies include the repair of the damage done by this process.

Can you repair my home?

We offer an additional water damage repair service to quickly and professionally restore your home.

Our team have many years experience in restoring homes after water damage. Please note that this is not included in the fee mentioned above.

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