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Pinpoint – the specialist Trace and Access company

Hello, we’re Pinpoint and we’re the Trace and Access experts. We use the latest water leak detection technology to quickly pinpoint the source of your water leak.

Our fast response service means we can often visit your home within 24 hours (subject to availability), locate the source of your water leak and prepare the necessary documentation – ready to be forwarded to your insurance company.

What’s more, we also provide water leak repair, water extraction, drying, contents storage, water damage repair, and furniture restoration services. Call our friendly team on 0333 577 3822 or book an appointment online to see how we can help.

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Based on 31 reviews
Naj Z
Naj Z
29. June, 2024.
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Very professional and reliable, amazing customer service from start to finish would highly recommend.
Kathleen Mukerji
Kathleen Mukerji
7. March, 2024.
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My experience of this company was superb from start to finish. Courteous, very reassuring, thorough and extra helpful. Thank you very much.
Alex C
Alex C
21. February, 2024.
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Excellent service - right from the first call to the completion of the job. Thank you to Nick and his team - definitely worth the call
Jake Aikenhead
Jake Aikenhead
18. February, 2024.
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Amazing service from start to finish. We had a leak in our kitchen ceiling that had been ongoing/getting worse for a couple days. Rang Steve at PinPoint late Wednesday evening. By 9am the next morning Dan was at our property sourcing and repairing the leak. The ceiling was saturated and could not be saved. Two neat openings were made in the ceiling to expose the pipes. Dan then replaced the damaged pipes. He then made good the ceiling and plastered it to a great finish. They even clean up after themselves and NO mess was left. If you have a leak that needs tracing & repairing, PinPoint are the company to go with. 5 Star Service from start to finish and kept informed throughout.
Dave 3H
Dave 3H
24. January, 2024.
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
I am very impressed with the service, friendliness, and professionalism of the team at Pinpoint. From first contact through to the final report and invoicing, they couldn’t have been more helpful or professional. They were transparent with their pricing and fees, and explained those things that might affect the fees (as the leak was in a concrete floor of a 1960s building e.g. encountering asbestos etc.). Narinder (Trace and Access Manager) was excellent, and very helpful at arranging and explaining everything; I was provided the owner’s mobile number but didn’t need it as Steve contacted me to discuss the work as they said he would and was really helpful. Nick, who turned up on time to do the job was also great; friendly, polite, and professional he took time to understand the problem, respected our home, and found the leak by working methodically and checking everything before digging. It transpired it had been leaking for some time, albeit it didn’t become apparent until recently. I know they’re called ‘Pinpoint’, but the hole Nick dug to expose the leak was literally 8 cm x 14 cm long in a large concrete floor that showed signs of the leak in hallway, bedroom (it’s a bungalow), hall cupboard and lounge (and at least a metre away from where it looked like the problem was). There are some stories out there about whole floors being dug up to ‘chase the pipes’, but using the heat sensors, damp meters, and listening stick (!), Nick appeared very confident he was in the right place! Thankfully, this is not something that I’ve needed previously, making choosing someone to do the work a challenge. Based on the whole experience, I absolutely recommend pinpoint to anybody that has a leak they need traced – they were a pleasure to work with. If you need someone to do this for you, call them. Also, having contacted and looked at a few companies before deciding on Pinpoint, it appears clear they are a company doing the work themselves, and not simply a front-end function for a franchise model, which gave me extra reassurance.
vinod varghese
vinod varghese
26. October, 2023.
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I am very pleased with the service provided by Pinpoint Trace and Access. They took time to explain their role and how they go about their work and the report they provide following their assessment. I have no hesitation in recommending them.
Suzanne Meredith
Suzanne Meredith
8. September, 2023.
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Very slick process from start to finish from quote to date & time of arrival right through to detection of leak and resolving the issue.
Martin Lester
Martin Lester
16. June, 2023.
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Pinpoint have been the most professional company I have ever had the pleasure of working for me. Communication was excellent from beginning to end & even after the job was finished. I feel I must bring attention to one individual in particular & that is their engineer George whose skill & intuition to find the leak was exemplary. I cannot thank the whole team enough. Thank you.
Rapid Response Service
Our experienced team of specialists can often visit your home within 24 hours - getting things back on track as quickly as possible.
State of the Art Technology
We use the latest technology, allowing us to detect leaks that other companies can't - accurately pinpointing the source your water leak.
Non Invasive Leak Detection
Our methods include the use of non-invasive technologies, allowing us to locate the source of your leak, whilst minimising damage to your home.
Insurance Compatible Reporting
Our experts will produce a full written report, detailing the source of your leak. This can then be forwarded to your insurance company.
No Hidden Costs
Pricing starts at £525 ex VAT (contact us for a quote). Many insurance policies will allow you to claim this back. Find out more.
The Complete Solution
We also offer optional leak repair, water extraction and water damage repair services - one call could be all it takes.

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Common questions and answers

Answers to some of the common questions our clients often ask us.

What is ‘Trace and Access’?

Trace and Access is a type of cover on a home insurance policy. It covers the detection and exposing of a water leak.

If you suspect a leak and have this cover, your insurer will often recommend that you engage with a specialist like Pinpoint.

Does Trace and Access include the repair of the water leak?

Trace and Access does not typically include the repair of the water leak, or the repairing of damage caused by the leaking water.

However we do offer an optional water leak repair service! Please note that this is not part of the fee mentioned above. For more information on what may be covered see this article.

Will my home suffer any additional damage?

The process normally involves ‘exposing’ the leak so it can then be repaired, so some damage is inevitable.

However we use the latest technology to locate your leak, minimising the damage caused to your home by the process. Most insurance policies include the repair of the damage done by this process.

Can you repair my home?

We offer an additional water damage repair service to quickly and professionally restore your home.

Our team have many years experience in restoring homes after water damage. Please note that this is not included in the fee mentioned above.

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