Acoustic leak detection technology
Acoustic leak detection

Detect water leaks located deep within walls or buried under floors

Every water leak creates a noise, whether from a vibrating pipe, or from water escaping from a pipe. Acoustic leak detection uses digital receivers to detect these noises and pinpoint the source of your water leak.

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Pinpointing the source

Unlike some, we use a minimum of two digital sound receivers as part of the process. Using two (or more) receivers allows us to compare noise levels between different points – effectively triangulating the source of your leak.

Locating hard to find leaks

Sometimes a leak may be located deep within an insulated wall, or far beneath a floor. This can make thermal imaging and gas tracing difficult. In these cases we may use acoustic leak detection, which is designed to locate deep leaks.

Keeping the damage to a minimum

Acoustic leak detection technologies do not require additional excavation work to get close to the suspected source of the leak. Even those located deep underneath a floor can be detected by digital receivers on the surface.