Moisture meters, another non-invasive leak detection technology
moisture meters
Moisture meters

Locate hidden leaks using non-invasive technology

Moisture meters are another non invasive leak detection technology that we use. They measure the levels of moisture on a surface. Our engineers will usually take multiple readings, allowing them to see patterns in moisture levels across a surface area. This allows us to begin to trace back the source of a water leak.

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When should a moisture meter be used?

Sometimes there may not be any obvious signs of a water leak. For example you may have noticed a drop in central heating (or other water) pressure. Moisture meters are specifically good for tracing hidden (or confirming suspected water leaks), in a non-invasive manner.

How do moisture meters help you find a leak?

The power of moisture meters is the ability to quickly see the moisture levels at different points across a surface area (for example a wall). By taking multiple readings, our engineers can quickly trace back the source of a leak by following the higher moisture readings.

Are moisture meters completely non-invasive?

In the majority of cases the use of moisture meters is a non-invasive process. However, some materials may make it difficult to get an accurate moisture reading. In this case small holes may need to be drilled to get more accurate readings from inside the material.