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Trace and access company
Trace and Access explained
About Trace and Access
Trace and Access explained
About Trace and Access

About Trace and Access

Trace and Access is a type of cover included in some home insurance policies. It is designed to cover the cost of detecting the source of a water leak, exposing the leak (so that the leak may be repaired) and repairing any damage subsequently caused by the this process (typically up to a combined value of £5,000).

This cover is not guaranteed to be included in every home insurance policy, although many policies do include it. If you're unsure as to whether this is included in your policy, check your policy documents or speak with your insurer.

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How does the process work?

No two circumstances are ever exactly the same. However here is an example of a process that may be followed to rectify a hidden water leak.

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Step 1 – You suspect a water leak

You may notice symptoms of a water leak at home. For example damp patches on the walls or ceilings, a drop in water pressure, or problems with the central heating system.

Step 2 – You report this to your insurer

It is vital that you report your suspicions to your insurance company immediately. Your insurer should provide a claims reference number for future use. Please note that delaying this process may jeopardise your insurance claim.

Step 3 – Appoint a Trace and Access company

If you have appropriate cover, your insurer will be likely to recommend that you engage with a specialist (for example Pinpoint) to detect and expose the leak.

Step 4 – The leak is traced and documentation is produced

After the source of the water leak has been detected, it will normally be exposed. This enables 'access' to the leak, so that the leak may be repaired. Documentation is then produced for you to forward to your insurer.

Step 5 – You pay for the cost of Trace and Access

This cost is later reimbursed by your insurance company.

Step 6 – Repair the leak and the damage to your home

The leak and any associated damage must now be repaired. We offer an an optional leak repair service. In addition we can also repair the water damage to your home and provide water extraction/drying services (if required).

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Common questions and answers

Common Trace and Access leak detection questions

Can you repair the damage to my home?

Yes we can. Our team includes a number of water damage repair specialists, who can dry your home and repair the damage caused by the leaking water as part of an insurance claim. Speak to one of our team (0333 577 3822) for more information.

Can I claim back the leak repair cost?

In most circumstances, you cannot claim for the cost of the leak repair and this is an expense you may have to incur yourself. You can however claim back the cost of Trace and Access if your policy includes this cover.

What if my policy doesn't include Trace and Access?

Many policies include this cover, but some do not. If your insurance policy doesn't include this cover, you can still employ a company to locate and expose your water leak. However you won't be able to claim back the costs from your insurer.

What technology do you use to detect the water leak?

We use a range of leading water leak detection technologies. Which technologies we use depends upon the type of water leak you have. Some of our technologies are non-invasive and include thermal imaging, acoustic microphones, endoscopic cameras, pressure testing and moisture meters.

Can you repair my water leak as well?

Yes, we can. In addition we also offer a water leak repair service. After we have located the source of your leak, we can quote to repair it.

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