Detecting leaks in water pipes with tracer gas
gas tracing
Gas tracing

Designed for effective water pipe leak detection

Gas tracing is often used to detect water pipe leaks, for example from a central heating system. The suspected water pipes are drained and a mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen gas is pumped at pressure through the pipe system. Gas will escape at the point of the leak and will then pass through the surrounding walls or floors. Sensitive gas detectors will then pinpoint the source of the gas and thus your leak.

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Why use gas tracing?

Gas tracing is one of the most accurate leak detection methods. Complementary methods, for example thermal imaging may be used to narrow the search to a specific area and then gas tracing can be used to pinpoint the exact source.

Is it safe?

Yes, the gas used is a mixture of hydrogen (5%) and nitrogen (95%). Nitrogen is an ‘inert’ gas meaning it is not combustible and prevents the hydrogen from combusting. The small size of hydrogen atoms allow them to pass through ceilings and floors, where they can be detected.

A non-invasive method

Gas tracing is a little more complex than some other methods, as it does require a water pipe system to be drained. However, it is non-invasive and does not require any drilling or excavation work to be done to your home.