Using endoscopic cameras to find hidden water leaks
endoscopic camera
Endoscopic cameras

Detecting hidden water leaks in hard to reach places

Endoscopic cameras provide a way for our specialist engineers to find and view hidden water leaks in difficult to reach places, for example in a wall cavity. After a small hole is drilled in the suspected area, our endoscopic cameras can be used to thoroughly explore the area, whilst keeping damage to a minimum.

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When would an endoscopic camera be used?

We may recommend the use of an endoscopic camera where the area of a leak has been determined, warrants further investigation but is not easily accessible. Endoscopic cameras provide a more convenient way to locate a hidden water leak and survey the damage it has caused.

Detecting additional water leaks with endoscopic cameras

Sometimes we may suspect that an area has multiple water leaks. Other technologies may pinpoint the area of a leak but may not identify multiple water leaks. Endoscopic cameras allow us to conduct a visual survey of a suspected leak area, whilst causing minimal damage.

Will this cause additional damage to my home?

Endoscopic cameras are not strictly non-invasive, as they require a small hole to be drilled into the area before the camera can be inserted. However endoscopic cameras greatly reduce the amount of damage that is done to your home in order to examine a leak.