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At Pinpoint we’re a highly experienced team. We’ve provided Trace and Accesswater leak detection and other services to over a thousand homes. But what’s more we enjoy what we do and take pride in our work. Our goals are simple…be punctualbe politedo a great job.

Mr A Reeves
"The team from Pinpoint were most helpful. They found the leak with little fuss and then repaired the leak and damage. This saved me a lot of hassle".

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Detecting a water pipe leak

Water had been found on our client’s kitchen floor. After initially thinking that this was the result of a spillage, it became apparent that water was leaking up from beneath the kitchen floor. The most likely culprit was a damaged leaking water pipe. Read more.

Finding the source of a ceiling leak

Our client noticed a damp patch on his ceiling, that was quickly starting to grow in size. It was evident that this was being caused by a water leak, but the source of the leak was unclear. His insurance company advised him to engage with a Trace and Access specialist. Read more.

Tracing a central heating leak

A recurring loss of pressure in a central heating system was causing our client’s boiler and heating to fail. After ruling out a boiler problem as a probable cause, it was felt there was the possibility of a water leak within the central heating system. Read more.

Residential water leak detection

Our client, a first floor resident in an apartment block had returned from holiday to find a large water leak on their kitchen ceiling. An investigation soon revealed that the leak originated from a flat two floors above. Read more.


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