Thermal imaging for water leak detection
Thermal imaging
Thermal imaging

Using thermal imaging for water leak detection

Thermal imaging offers a fast way to scan large areas quickly for signs of a water leak. Sensitive equipment detects small differences in temperature between different surfaces and displays these on a screen. Thermal imaging is a non-invasive leak detection method, meaning it does not cause additional damage to your home.

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What’s thermal imaging particularly good for?

Thermal imaging is often used to detect water leaks behind walls or underneath floors. It is particularly effective at detecting water leaks from central heating systems. Wide areas can be scanned quickly and accurately with this leading technology.

Combining thermal imaging with other technologies

Sometimes heavily insulated pipes make thermal imaging difficult. Imaging may identify the area of a leak, but other technologies such as gas tracing may be required to pinpoint the exact source.

Minimising additional damage to your home

Thermal imaging is a non-invasive detection technique. In the majority of cases no drilling or excavation work is required to find the source of your leak.