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water extraction and drying
Water extraction and drying

Quickly extract water and dry the affected area

After your leak has been repaired it is sometimes necessary to dry the damaged area, before it can be repaired. Again, speed is of the essence, in order to stop damp and moisture spreading to surrounding areas.

At Pinpoint we can quickly deliver and install the latest drying equipment, extracting moisture quickly, so that repair works can start as soon as possible.

Our engineers are specifically trained in water extraction and drying, creating the most efficient and effecting drying environment. In many cases they can be at your home within 24 hours of your water leak being repaired Рor in some cases on the same day.

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Mr & Mrs K Kim
"When our kitchen flooded we feared we were in for a long journey. I'm glad we were wrong! Pinpoint were organised, efficient and got things back to normal quickly".
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We use the latest technology
Designed and developed to dry the affected area thoroughly and quickly.
Installed by trained engineers
Our engineers are properly trained in creating optimal drying configurations and environments.
Installed and configured quickly
Our team can install and configure drying equipment quickly, so repairs can start as soon as possible.