Using pressure meters to detect leaks in central heating systems
pressure testing
Pressure testing

Effectively trace the source of central heating and other pipe leaks

All water leaks result in a loss of pressure within a pipe system. Drops in central heating, or tap pressure are often a tell-tale sign of a water leak within the system. A water leak pressure test measures the water pressure between different sections of a water system, narrowing the search for the source of the leak.

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What does pressure testing involve?

Our engineers will install pressure meters at different points within a water system (for example a central heating system). Pressure will be measured over a period of time. Areas with consistently lower pressure often indicate the source of a water leak.

How long does a water leak pressure test take?

Pressure meters can be installed quickly. However it is often best to measure pressure over a period of time, as there are sometimes other factors (for example temperature) which can affect water pressure – so average readings are often used.

Confirming the repair of a water leak

Where difficult, complex or multiple leaks have been repaired (as part of our leak repair service), we may use pressure testing to check that a leak has been successfully repaired – giving you extra peace of mind.