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water damage repair
Water damage repair

Water damage repair – getting things back to normal as quickly as possible

After you've had a water leak, we know that your number one priority is getting everything back to normal as quickly as possible. The thought of having to deal with an insurance claim and engage with a repair specialist, probably isn't pleasant. Our water damage repair team is here to help.

Whilst we don't have a magic wand, we're here to make the process as seamless as possible! Our water damage repair engineers are highly trained and vastly experienced in repairing water damage quickly and to the highest standards.

We can provide a complete solution including; assessing the damage caused by your water leak, provide a written scope of work (ready to be forwarded to your insurance company), negotiating with your insurer, providing a skilled team to complete the repairs and managing your project – all in a manner which keeps delays to a minimum.

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Ms R Nelson
St. Albans
"The damage to the hallway was extensive, but the process was all fairly painless. Thank you for all of the hard work put into repairing the ceiling and two walls. It is much appreciated".
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The complete package
Our service is designed to provide the complete package, requiring minimal effort from our clients.
Highly skilled repair team
We don't use generic repair teams. The members of our team are specialists in water damage repair.
Keeping delays to a minimum
Our vast experience allows us to organise and complete repair works in a highly efficient manner.