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Is Trace and Access the same as leak detection?

There’s often some confusion between the terms ‘Trace and Access’ and ‘leak detection’. Are they the same? Or if not, how do they differ? We take a look at the key differences between the two terms.

Water leak detection

If you have a hidden water leak and need to find the exact source of the leak, a water leak detection specialist can help. For example you may have noticed a discoloured area on a wall (a tell-tale sign of a water leak). These kinds of leaks may be buried beneath floors, located deep within walls or within cavities.

A leak detection company will use a range of techniques, each designed to pinpoint the exact source of a water leak. Some of these techniques will be non-invasive, for example thermal imaging. Although in some cases, a small amount of damage may need to be done to locate the leak.

Trace and Access

Trace and Access is not exactly the same as water leak detection. It is a type of cover included in a home insurance policy, which allows a home-owner to reclaim the cost of locating the source of a water leak, exposing it and repairing the damage caused by the Trace and Access process. This is typically up to a set figure, for example £5,000 (although this can vary by policy).

A Trace and Access specialist will use the same methods as a water leak detection specialist to pinpoint the source of a water leak. Then in addition, they will expose the leak. Exposing the leak will allow the leak (and the damage it has caused) to be examined and subsequently repaired.

Trace and Access isn’t included as standard in all home insurance policies, so check with your insurer if you’re unsure.

The cost to repair the leak and associated damage

Neither, Trace and Access or leak detection services typically include the cost to repair the leak. This is an additional service which may have to be paid for separately. Although it is important to note that some insurance policies will cover this cost. The cost to repair the damage the water leak has caused will usually be covered by the home insurance policy under an ‘escape of water’ clause.

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